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Conference Hightlights

L - R:   With Doug Kaufman (Cancer is a Fungus) Dr. Dietrich Wittel MD Ph.D,
Dr Lee Cowden (Integrative medicine Pres.) Heidi Osterman (Certified Nutritionist)
At Orlando Conference of American College of Integrative Medicine ACIM in Nov. 2017.

L - R:    Dr Judy Mikovits at 2017 Orlando ACIM conference with Dr. Dietrich Wittel MD Ph.D.
Dr Mikovits is best known for discovering the XRM Retrovirus connection to Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia

L - R:   
Dr. Dietrich Wittel MD Ph.D with Dr Thomas Levy MD, Cardiologist who has written the book on “dental infections causing Heart attacks” at American Academy for Anti Aging Medicine A4M, LasVegas Dec 2018.

L - R:    Dr Garth Nicholson MD at A4M 2017 who has published extensive research on the infectious causes of many neurological disorders from Alzheimers to Multiple Sclerosis,
with Dr. Dietrich Wittel MD Ph.D.